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Stories are the building blocks of all human civilization…

From ancient songs sung to the beat of thundering drums around bonfires to elaborate epics projected in modern Cinemas, humans have used stories to educate and entertain for as long as we have existed. 

Umuntu is the creative outlet of Zimbabwean Multimedia Designer, Filmmaker and Musician, Dennis Rwafa and exists with the sole purpose of helping people tell their stories BETTER… 

Working on projects that range from web design and development to high impact documentaries or catchy music projects. The thread that ties all Umuntu projects together is the desire to create rich audio and visual content experiences that not only look and sound good but serve the greater purpose of creating connection.


From video sets to recording booths (and sometimes both)

Umuntu’s projects range from Music Video Production, Commercials and Documentaries to Music Composition, Scoring & Sound Design. 

Below is some of the work we’ve done recently


GAPWUZ Worker’s Day Commemoration 2020
Produced By Umuntu for Magamba Network & GAPWUZ to celebrate Agricultural Workers in Zimbabwe on Worker’s Day. Covid-19 lockdown and restrictions and a 48 hour deadline resulted in the project being shot completely on green screen in 6 hours with a crew of 2 and edited over the course of 1 day,

Director, Editor, VFX Artist: Dennis Rwafa

Song Artist: T.Shoc & Sibo

Jacobian Pilot Episode

The pilot episode of the Jacobian channel and project by Tapiwa Mubeda

Editor, Motion Graphics: Dennis Rwafa

Umuntu Sessions: T.Shoc – Wild One
Produced By Umuntu as part of HIVOS Southern Africa’s Resource For Open Minds (R.O.O.M) Project

Director, Editor, VFX: Dennis Rwafa

Music Production, Mixing & Mastering: Verseless

Song Artist: T.Shoc

Do Not Walk Alone 
Documentary produced by Umuntu for Musasa and Diakonia covering the work done by Musasa to combat Early Child Marriages in Chilonga, Zimbabwe

Director, Editor: Dennis Rwafa

Animation & VFX Sizzle Reel

Director, Editor: Dennis Rwafa


Dairiboard Cool Summer Stars TVC
Music composition and scoring for Dairiboard’s Cool Summer Stars campaign 

Composer, Producer, Mixing and Mastering Engineer: Dennis Rwafa


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